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Why should you use our application? – GPSC Online

GPSC Online is a unique platform where you can start preparing yourself and avoid any exam. We are running our own mobile app, where you can find video lectures on all topics as well as daily tests so you can test your knowledge. Here you can find:


(1) Video conferencing:

We do video conferencing on all topics with very simple explanations. You can watch and download videos online and watch more of them in your free time. By watching our video conferences, you will be able to take good notes for reviews.

(2) Daily test:

This is a necessary step, but most students do not value it much. The knowledge gained from watching videos and reading books should be examined. We offer a daily exam, so you can practice for the next exams and manage time in the exam room. The daily test schedule can be found in the information section in our app.

(3) Expert guidance:

We provide direct lectures from successful candidates on what is the key to success, lectures given by key faculties of Gujarat (GPSC Online APP Download )

(4) Content:

Our content is created after a lengthy investigation by faculty with experience. It is based on famous reference books, GSEB and NCERT. So students do not need to read anything else. You do not need to be affiliated with any training institute. Anyone can prepare better, from home. You can also download content.

GPSC Online APP Download – GPSC ONLINE


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