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How to Check Fix Pay Case Status?

Importantly, fix pay cases from different states are pending in the Supreme Court. After Bihar’s fix pay verdict, now Gujarat’s verdict may also come. The fix pay ruling has been going on in the Supreme Court for the last 6 years.

Fix Pay News – Fix Pay Case Gujarat – Fix Pay Case New Date

Latest News on Fix Pay Case: Fixed Salary Paid, Fix Salary News Gandhinagar, Maru Gujarat High Court Judgment on Fixed Salary 11 April 2012.

A case of giving the same salary and other benefits as permanent employees to thousands of fixed wage earners in the state will be heard in the Supreme Court today.

Fix Pay Case News

વિભાગની પૂછપરછ વિના ફિક્સ પગાર કામદારોને દૂર કરી શકાતા નથી – ગુજરાત હાઇકોર્ટ


How to Check Fix Pay Case Status?

  • Open the official website,
  • Click on Case Number Tab
  • Enter Captcha Code
  • Case Type – special leave petition (civil)
  • Number – 14124
  • Year – 2012
  • Click on Submit.

Next Date: 16-03-2020 – fix pay case new date



Date: 02.03.2020 (Computer generated) fix pay news gujarat





Update: 28-01-2020 fix pay related news


Next Date: 28-01-2020 (Computer-generated) gujarat fix pay case


fix-pay-next-date (1)


New Next Date: 10-12-2019 fix pay case status in supreme court



Next Date: 14-11-2019


News Update: 17-09-2019


fix-pay-news (1)


Binsarkari Granted School Sahayak Fix Pagar Sudharo Karva Babat Paripatra 19-02-2019: Click Here

Next Date: 27-11-2018

Court Number: 5

Case Number: 1

Supreme court live display board: Click Here

Update 18-07-2018: Vidhyut Sahayak Salary Increases up to Rs. 14,450/-.

Updates 22-03-2018: फिक्स पे केस आज बोर्ड पर आया नहीं. कम्प्यूटर द्वारा न्यू डेट जनरेट हुआ है 20-04-2018. इस तारीख मे बदलाव हो सकते है.

Next Date: 22-03-2018

Court No.: 7

Case Number: 4

Note: सुप्रीम कोर्ट के वकील के साथ हुई टेलीफोनिक बातचीत से जानने को मिला 20-03-2018 को केस लिस्ट नहीं होने वाला. अफवाह से दूर रहे. लेटेस्ट अपडेट्स के लिए इस पेज से जुड़े रहे.

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